How to Be Accessible to Your Clients and Staff

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On today’s show, we talk about how to be approachable in the spa business. This industry more than any other you really have to be available emotionally for clients. Accessibility is so important for growing your business. We are trusted with our clients to make good recommendations. Some clients you may be more accessible to than others. The point is to know where the line is and know to enforce your policies and principles.

Topics Covers:

  • How Accessible¬†Do You Want to Be to Clients
  • Can You Have a Personal Relationship Outside of the Spa with Your Staff and Clients?
  • Sit in the Breakroom to Find Out What’s Going On
  • Show that You Care About the Client Not About Their Money
  • The true Philosophy of Having a No Show Policy
  • Following Up and Giving them a way to Get Ahold of You
  • Communication between you as the owner and all your clients

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About the author, Ramona

Ramona Rice is a professional content marketer who specializes in appointment-based businesses. She is a podcaster with We Should Not Be Friends, Spapreneur, and the award-winning Sports Gal Pal Podcast. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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