Spapreneurs: Are You Feeling Broke? Make More Money Now


If I had to say the biggest problem for individuals working in the spa industry, it’s the spa worker’s relationship with money. Rule number one for Spapreneur is ‘Don’t Fuck with the Money.’ We didn’t pick that phrase to be controversial or raise eyebrows. We don’t focus on money because we’re greedy, it’s not because…

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31 Days to Your Best Holiday Season Ever

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Jingle Bells are coming! Seriously, they are coming, and if you are reading this and haven’t started thinking about what you’re going to do for your Holiday rush, you’re behind. Major retailers already have Holiday items out, and the reason they do that is to give their customers plenty of opportunities to purchase from them…

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How to Write a Compelling Email Subject Line

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We have¬†written about the importance of having an email marketing plan several times on this blog and mentioned it on the podcast. Using email has been the number one driver for our growth these past 21 years – and it’s the difference between having the small little massage shop to now our 4,000 square foot…

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5 Hacks for Filling Appointment Books

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An empty appointment book is the saddest thing in spa-land. Seriously name one other thing that is worst than an empty appointment book? Exactly – nothing. The empty appointment book is a sign of a day spa that isn’t working – that isn’t functioning at its prime level. And I promise it’s entirely preventable with…

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