4 Ways to Find New Spa Practitioners for Your Business

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The clearest way to make more money from your spa space is to have all the rooms working in your favor. The ONLY way to do that is to have more than one of everyone – which means you as the spa owner has to recruit, hire, and train spa practitioners. Here’s how we go about doing that.

Start with schools – if you have the time to mentor

Schools are a GREAT place to get new hires. They have a flood of people looking for places to work – and will often help send people your way. The way you take advantage of this is to contact the school’s career department and arrange an interview. Often schools have to provide externships to students, and your spa could be one of those places. You can try out the student before they graduate and you can offer them a position if they fit well with your staff.

The challenge with this model is that you or someone in your spa is going to have to mentor this person. Yes, you can hire someone out of school, and they could be okay, but in our experience, you should take the time to mentor. Mentorship can include how to rebook clients, create a plan of service, and market themselves. You may also have to cover trickier client situations and the importance of education.

Before going down this path make sure you have the right mindset and remember – these are baby practitioners, treat them with care.

Visit the Pizza Hut of Massage

Almost every area of the country (at least here in the US) has a Massage Envy, Hand and Stone, Massage Luxe in their area. Gross.

Okay, but use them to find incredible service providers – because the best ones will quickly realize the promise of franchises aren’t always what they’re made to be.

Here’s how we recruit from Pizza Hut:

1. We get massaged or a facial by the person – make sure the juice is worth the squeeze

2. We run Facebook ads targeting their employees – trust us they’re doing the same thing. You can look at your local AMTA chapter, the licensing board, and other places to get lists of names. Do some research and then reach out.  In fact, when the local ME was recruiting they sent letters to Lynn herself trying to recruit her – we just laughed about it and then stole that idea. They got her name from our state’s licensing board.

Here’s why this might not work for you – it might require you to take some time away from your actual business. You have to get out of your own environment for this – and that can be scary. But, if you’re willing to get out there and meet other spa pros you can bring into your business to grow.

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3. Use online methods

The first place you need to invest in finding spa practitioners – your website. You need to have a form or page that shows potential spa practitioners that you’re looking for great new members of your team. And you need to keep it up even if you’re full. People move in and out of areas all the time – having this on our website shows the world you’re ready to acquire great talent.

Have a local massage, spa, skin care group – post job postings there. You can also use LinkedIn, or Monster – spa practitioners, use these sites to find employment. Also, don’t be afraid to partner with “competitors” because they may have interviewed someone who wasn’t the right fit for their spot but will be perfect for yours.

The challenge with online forums is that opens the flood gates – for reals. You might get overwhelmed with the responses. Don’t stress – instead, you need have an intake plan for new resumes.

4. Get your staff involved

Give your team a bonus if they bring someone into the spa – of course, give it out after 90 days. This is what real estate companies do. The REALTOR® who suggested that real estate agent come to the company will get a bonus and then a percentage of all that agent’s sales.  It’s how multi-level marketing companies work too – recruit and get more money.

You can offer a $100 for a successful hire – or even a free class, massage cream, month off from service fees. Find something that works for your group. This might get them to bring in some new and needed blood.

The challenge with this is following through with the bonuses – miss one and your staff WILL notice. Make sure to uphold your promises.

And one more thing, remind them that having another person doesn’t mean fewer appointments for them. It means more appointments for the spa, which means new eyes see the place and more people know about it. That will eventually lead to more appointments for them.

There is a lot you can do to recruit new practitioners for your business. Did we miss one you love? Put it in the comments, and we might mention it on the show.

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