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How to Be Accessible to Your Clients and Staff


On today’s show, we talk about how to be approachable in the spa business. This industry more than any other you really have to be available emotionally for clients. Accessibility is so important for growing your business. We are trusted with our clients to make good recommendations. Some clients you may be more accessible to…

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customer service

How to Set the Customer Service Tone at Your Day Spa


On Today’s Episode: Ramona and Lynn talk about customer service today! Lynn has a brand new customer service crush with her Frontier Rep. It doesn’t matter if you a huge spa or single person, customer service matters – a lot! You as the business owner have to set the tone for customer service for your…

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How we sold $25,000 worth of massages in four days using Email


On today’s Spapreneur podcast: Lynn celebrated her birthday and decided to eat birthday cake while recording this episode. How we’re becoming a “grown up” with a new website and app for our clients. So we needed to raise money – and boy did we! Topics Covered: 4 or more membership system The thoughts of free…

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