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Spaprenuer began as an idea to help independent spa owners grow, scale, and succeed in their businesses. Why listen to us? We have over 20 years experience in the spa, retail, and customer service industries and the knowledge we've collected will help you move the needle to true success and profits.


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How to Create Packages and Menus for your Massage and Aesthetican Business


  On today’s episode, we’re going over how to put together a spa menu. For some reason, this is one of the TOP questions in the spa Facebook groups, but putting together packages and spa menus that are client friendly are critical for increasing sales for you. Topics Covered Sessy shows her age No one…

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Getting Involved for Your Business


On today’s episode, Sessy and Ramona are renewed and ready for a hot topic – politics. You wouldn’t think that politics would matter in our profession but it does if you’re a small business owner. Rules and regulations from local and state governments effect and organizations like the AMTA, schools, and even conventions have a…

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Holiday Season

It’s Time to Prep for the Holiday Season


On today’s podcast, we’re talking about the big thing that’s coming up – Holiday Season. Gift certificates and money, oh my! Now is the time to get ready to prep for the busiest season for getting money. Don’t wait.  Planning now will save you time and help you make more money. Topics Covered The Holiday…

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