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Don’t Let Technology Get In The Way of Client Care


Today we’re talking about making sure your technology to help clients actually helps your clients. Client care is everything for the foundation of your business, don’t let the tech get in the way. We take a lesson from a real-life experience and put it towards our own business and yours. Technology is an important aspect…

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new massage therapist

How to Help a New Spa Professional When They Join Your Business


On today’s episode, we’re finally somewhat recovered from Valentine’s Day but Sessy has one more adventure with dryers. But, the real bulk of the episode is inspired by our Facebook Group member Chelsea. Chelsea wanted to know how to help a brand new massage therapist build her books. Topics Covered Ramona realizes she can’t do…

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day spa

How to Roll with the Punches for Your Day Spa


On this episode, it’s full of helpful tips like stop worrying about matching your stuff and have a plan for overcoming what we go through in this episode. We’ve survived Valentine’s Day – and rolled with the punches. You can too! Between therapists not letting us know that stuff is missing from┬áthere not letting us…

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