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Spaprenuer began as an idea to help independent spa owners grow, scale, and succeed in their businesses. Why listen to us? We have over 20 years experience in the spa, retail, and customer service industries and the knowledge we've collected will help you move the needle to true success and profits.


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The Subtle Ways Clients Take Control


*** We recorded an episode 40 but somehow in the technology it got lost. So you’re not going crazy, it’s really not there. Enjoy this week’s episode*** On today’s episode, we talk about how some clients control the room in ways outside of sexual abuse. Lots of different ways clients try to take control of…

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How to Take Control of Your Treatment Room


On this episode, we might actually offend you but Lynn gets real about appropriate client behavior and what is your limit. In this #metoo world sometimes it appears that a client is misbehaving but is he? While we want you to always have personal boundaries and stay within the limit of the law, but we…

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There Are No Good Spa Workers Anymore (NOT!)


On today’s episode, we talk about what you’re doing to attract and retain great spa employees and independent contractors. Sometimes the energy you put out is attracting the wrong person to join your team. This podcast we talk about how to deal with dealing yourself so you can better deal with your staff. Topics Covered…

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