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Spaprenuer began as an idea to help independent spa owners grow, scale, and succeed in their businesses. Why listen to us? We have over 20 years experience in the spa, retail, and customer service industries and the knowledge we've collected will help you move the needle to true success and profits.


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Getting Back to Basics


On this week’s episode We handle our question of the week, Sessy talks about changes she wants to make in her life and business. It starts with looking her own roadmap and be honest about the need for the new roadmap. We’re writing a managerial procedures┬ámanager, and Lynn wants to become less of a friend…

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six pillars

The Six Pillars to Spa Success


On this episode, we talk about the six things all spa professionals need to succeed. 2018 is just days away and we want y’all ready to go! We want you to build your business beyond the treatment room and this episode will help! The Six Pillars of a successful spa are new clients, retention, building…

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How to plan for your best 2018


On today’s episode, we talk about planning for 2018! It’s not too late to start planning for the BEST year ever! We’ve got a roadmap and why writing everything down makes it totally real! What new thing are you going to do to make your business jump start for 2018? What We Talk About We…

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