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How to Fill Your Business With Confidence


On today’s episode, we’re talking business confidence! When you have a boost of personal confidence it’s great and you need to take full advantage of it! You need to make sure you carry this through to your spa business. You need to use this amazing personal confidence to grow your skills, grow your team, make…

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Personal Confidence

The Steps for Building Personal Confidence


On today’s episode, we’re continuing April’s theme on building confidence. Time and time again we see so many spa owners not making business decisions or not doing the things that they need to do to make their goals happen. Why? Because they don’t have the personal confidence they need. When you have that confidence in…

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Male massage therapists

Promote Your Male Massage Therapists


On today’s episode, we’re talking about how to promote and encourage male practitioners within your business. So many spa owners are nervous when it comes to employing male massage therapists, or feel that they should only work on male clients. Well, we are here to tell you otherwise! The main thing you need to remember…

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