Aromatherapy Classes With Ashley Dwyer

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On this episode, we had our amazing paid community member, Ashley Dwyer join us along with Head of Strategic Partnerships at Simply Earth, Shilah Roethel. The pair talked about the great partnership that they’ve formed to create and develop a number of CEU classes, specialising in Aromatherapy. Listen to this episode to hear all about Ashley’s journey, the things that she has had to overcome and how she’s established these amazing courses to support continued education. 

Topics Mentioned

  • Special guests
  • Aromatherapy class
  • Simply Earth
  • What does it take to become a certified aromatherapist
  • Ashley’s journey
  • Why she’s decided to offer CEU classes
  • What it takes to set-up a CEU class
  • Hands on aromatherapy
  • Why is it important to use a wholesaler 
  • How to sign up as a wholesaler
  • How do Simply Earth support businesses
  • Selling retail
  • How Ashley manages her day job and running CEU classes
  • Why Ashley loves Spapreneur Community

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