Why You Should Focus on Valentine’s Day

Still complaining that Valentine’s Day doesn’t apply to your type of spa business? Take a look at this infographic we’ve created to show just some of the reasons you should focus on Valentine’s Day. Need more convincing? Take our seven-day Spapreneur Valentine’s Day Challenge. For seven days we’ll take you through the steps you need to…

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These Books Made Me a Better Spapreneur in 2017


Readers are leaders, I think I get that phrase from Dave Ramsey, and it seems simple, but it’s true. For a while there I read regularly – all about marketing, management, and sales. Building a business requires knowledge. After my husband passed away, I had a hard time reading. For almost two years I took…

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Gift Certificates are Your Business’s BFF

gift certificates

I am still shocked and slightly annoyed with spa professionals because  I continue to see posts like this around the professional spa groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t offer gift certificates because when the person comes in six months later, it feels like I’m giving a free service Gift certificates aren’t worth dealing with because…

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Spapreneurs: Are You Feeling Broke? Make More Money Now


If I had to say the biggest problem for individuals working in the spa industry, it’s the spa worker’s relationship with money. Rule number one for Spapreneur is ‘Don’t Fuck with the Money.’ We didn’t pick that phrase to be controversial or raise eyebrows. We don’t focus on money because we’re greedy, it’s not because…

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