No One Said Owning a Spa Would Be So Difficult

You had this amazing idea to create a spa space to perform amazing services for your wonderful clients. You wanted a business you controlled, so you could offer the exact services at the times and prices you want. 

But no one told you it was going to be this hard. Payroll and cash flow issues. Clients that are late or no-show, and unreliable staff members. You don't have the time or money to hire professional marketing options or advertising. And you have a tough time getting clients to rebook. 

Running a spa is sometimes really stressful. But it doesn't have to be. You just have to have the right plan. 

Need Some Hand Holding to Get Your Spa Going in the Right Direction?

Instead of stressing out, you need a plan and the right coaches. That's why Lynn and Ramona are opening up our schedules to meet with Spapreneurs all over the world to help with the four cornerstones of a successful spa business. 

- Four Cornerstones -
of Successful Spas

- Client -

We identify who are your clients, where they come from, what are your best referral methods and how often do they come back. Then we look for your challenges for getting clients back in the door and creating a long-term plan for making your spa services a habit, not just an indulgence. 

- Right -

We look at your staffing options, from front desk to practitioners. Is it time to add a staff member? How much can you afford to pay? And what type of relationship do you have with your staff? We look through the options and help you decide the right way to expand. 

- Systems -

We help create a personalized system to run your spa at its most efficient. We look at ways to automate when possible that bring clients back! Everything from how you schedule clients, how you use your email system, the social media plan, and your website is covered.

- Managing -

Covering everything from your operating expenses to how much you should charge for each service. We identify places where profit is leaking out of your business and ways to ensure your money is secure. We're going to show you how to keep inventory and cost out service upgrades.

Apply to get
Coaching directly from the Spapreneurs!

Why We Ask You To Apply For Our Program

Most coaching programs just take your money and don't worry if you're a fit or not.

We don't work that way.

We want to work with spa pros who are ready for a significant change in their businesses and who want to grow and thrive! Our time is limited for private client work, and we only want to work with people who are ready, able, and want to make the changes necessary.

So, if you don't get picked, we'll tell you why and hope we can remain friends. And if you're picked then awesome, we can't wait to get started!