Cyber Security for Massage Therapists and Aestheticians

cyber security
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On today’s episode, we’re speaking with Dan Banker cybersecurity expert and husband of the fantastic Chicago Beth. He can explain very technical issues without mansplaining but still dumbing it down enough for us to learn who we need to protect ourselves from and best practices. Build a fence around your cyber life to protect you and yours.

This is a must listen to expert series from the Spapreneur Community.

Topics Covered

  • Why we chose this topic
  • Threat Model – know who is really after you
  • The NSA is not After You
  • Malware attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Why Backing Up is Important
  • Password Protection
  • Password Manager
  • Credit Checks are a must
  • Keep an eye on your bank account
  • Multifactor Authentication – MFA
  • Public Wi-fi
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network
  • Lock Your Devices
  • Have backups to people to get on your devices
  • Social Media Safety Tips
  • Invest in a Cloud Service
  • Keyloggers
  • Phishing
  • Don’t assume that message isn’t a scam

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