The Real Price of Enforcing Your No Show Policy

no show

On today’s episode, we talk about the real cost of enforcing your no-show policy. Yes, you should have a no-show policy that isn’t the problem but sometimes for special clients, your super regulars are it worth it to charge for the one time they miss? We’d love to know your thoughts. Topics Covered There is still time…

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How to Respond to a Negative Review

negative reviews

On today’s episode, we use a real example of a negative review that we really didn’t earn. How you respond and build your online reputation can mean the difference between more clients or empty books. What are the things we need to take responsibility for and when is it a time to say you’ve done…

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What To Do When Business is Slow

slow business

On today’s episode, we talk about the peaks and valleys of running a business. Spring has sprung which means clients are spending more time outdoors and less time in your business. Keeping calm and use this season to your advantage. Don’t be afraid of slow business, use it to your advantage. Topics Covered The clients…

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How to Delegate to Grow


On today’s show, we talk about how do you ask for help and when. At the beginning of your career you probably have to do everything, but eventually, you’re going to need some help. Your time is more valuable than you think so learning how to delegate can be a big win. Topics Mentioned Learning to…

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The Subtle Ways Clients Take Control


*** We recorded an episode 40 but somehow in the technology it got lost. So you’re not going crazy, it’s really not there. Enjoy this week’s episode*** On today’s episode, we talk about how some clients control the room in ways outside of sexual abuse. Lots of different ways clients try to take control of…

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