Stories From The DeStress Business Owners

business owner

As part of our celebrations for reaching our 100th episode, we’ve recorded some special segments of the Spapreneur podcast. In this episode, we have all four business owners of DeStress Express Massage Therapy together answering some of the many questions that we have been asked as spa business owners. This was a super fun episode…

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Massage Therapist Guest Experts

Massage Therapist

On this episode, Rachel and Jen, our amazing Massage Therapists at DeStress joined us to talk about their journey through the spa industry, their growth and spa education, as well as sharing some of their fun stories from their time working at DeStress. These girls are motivated, goal driven and it’s great to have them…

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How to deal with an inappropriate situation


On this episode, we’re getting serious. There was an inappropriate situation at DeStress that left Lynn questioning her leadership and mentorship of her staff. Trust was broken and her business was put in jeopardy. Emotion can play a big part in how you deal with these situations and can often lead to you getting bitten in…

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How To Take A Break From Business And Not Feel Guilty


On this episode, we’re talking about why so many spa owners feel guilty when they take a break away from their business. It’s so important that you schedule time in your calendar to do other things than work on your business and not feel guilty about it more Whether it’s a holiday with your family,…

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