How to Roll with the Punches for Your Day Spa

day spa

On this episode, it’s full of helpful tips like stop worrying about matching your stuff and have a plan for overcoming what we go through in this episode. We’ve survived Valentine’s Day – and rolled with the punches. You can too! Between therapists not letting us know that stuff is missing from there not letting us…

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Communication is your best business building tool


On today’s episode, we celebrate communication in your business. In everything, you do in life, communication matters. Being clear, concise in running your own business is one of the most important things about your business. Expanding your business means that you as an owner have to be very clear in your expectations. Communicate to yourself…

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How to Convert Once a Year Clients into Regular Clients


We got the date wrong – it’s the week before – it’s going to be okay, we’re really good at helping spa workers get more clients, not checking dates. On today’s episode, we learn about eating shorts when you can’t find the right decor for your spa. Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year,…

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When Your Business Costs You Personal Relationships


On today’s episode, we talk about to avoid the case of the f*ck its that sometimes happens with owning a business. Trust us, no matter how successful you’ll face with the f*uck its, so get some perspective. Self-care is so important for the Spapreneur -it’s something we often skip. Relationships can sometimes be a self-care item that…

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Make Your Clients Look Like Valentines Day Heroes

valentine's day

We’re repurposing our fabulous Valentine’s Day episode from last year – because it’s just that good! It’s fun to hear things like Sessy complaining about her butt – she’s better now because she’s been working out for a full year! Remember for Valentine’s Day – you are responsible for him having a happy Valentine’s Day.…

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