Valentine’s Day Prep Plan

valentine's day prep

Valentine’s Day can be an amazing and profitable day for any Spapreneur – so long as you have a Valentine’s Day plan. On this episode Lynn and Ramona go through all the things that they personally do to ensure they are ready for all the love and hearts.

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How Do You Control the Treatment Room

treatment room

Who controls the treatment room you or the client? That is the question Lynn and Ramona discuss on this episode of Spapreneur Podcast. From everything from the temperature to music, the client has a lot of say in their spa appointment. But do you have the skills, language, and backbone required when faced with a…

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Why Every Spapreneur Needs a Business Plan

business plan

  You got to have a business plan for your spa to succeed. If you don’t have a plan, you need to close your doors or go work for one of those corporate spas. This is the topic for today’s Spapreneur Podcast. Driving factor for many individuals to become part of the spa industry is…

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Meet the hosts of the Spapreneur Podcast | Spapreneur 001

spapreneur podcast

Summary of the Episode Lynn was in sales for ten years and a top sales person but stressed to the max and for two years she wanted to get out of sales. Then she hurt her back and sought out massage therapy, and she decided to go to massage school. While attending massage school, Lynn…

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