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On today’s episode, Sessy and Ramona are renewed and ready for a hot topic – politics. You wouldn’t think that politics would matter in our profession but it does if you’re a small business owner. Rules and regulations from local and state governments effect and organizations like the AMTA, schools, and even conventions have a lot of say.

Topics Covered

  • Basic Grown Up Drama Club
  • AMTA’s role in your business
  • Paying attention who is in office
  • The politicians support what is brought to them
  • Learn from tattoo places
  • At the very least be a paid dues member
  • Don’t let the mother hen control
  • Fewer massage students are graduating
  • Stop bitching about how little you get paid
  • Set up your own group with your peers
  • The attitude of the old guard
  • World Massage Festival needs to step up their game
  • People who use Groupon are loyal to Groupon
  • Why AMTA should work with Pizza Hut of Massage
  • Side note my husband would like to know that he is not a democrat
  • Action Items

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About the author, Ramona

Ramona Rice is a professional content marketer who specializes in appointment-based businesses. She is a podcaster with We Should Not Be Friends, Spapreneur, and the award-winning Sports Gal Pal Podcast. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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