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Business Numbers
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On today’s episode, we’re talking about knowing your numbers and why they are so important for you to understand and know as a business number. After someone asked a question in the Spapreneur Free Facebook Group about numbers Lynn and Ramona thought they needed to break down what types of numbers business owners need to know. If you’re not willing to know the basics of your business numbers then this is the wrong podcast for you.

Topics Covered

  • The situation in the Free Facebook Group
  • Do you on a daily basis know your exact numbers?
  • What knowing your numbers can prevent
  • Knowing your numbers brings more income in
  • What numbers do you need to know
  • Don’t let lack of education keep you from knowing your numbers
  • Cash flow
  • Net Income
  • Profit and Loss or P&L Statement
  • Sales
  • Cost of Service
  • Inventory
  • Gross Profit
  • Numbers are hyperlocal 

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About the author, Ramona

Ramona Rice is a professional content marketer who specializes in appointment-based businesses. She is a podcaster with We Should Not Be Friends, Spapreneur, and the award-winning Sports Gal Pal Podcast. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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