Recommended Resources

From time to time Ramona and Lynn find amazing things that help them be the best Spapreneurs ever. And it wouldn’t be fair if they kept all of them to themselves. So they’ve compiled a list of amazing things to make running your day spa oh so much easier.

A note – some of the products featured give us a commission if you purchase them. Please know that we only recommend products we are or have personally used and love. 



We love this cool company! Sheree & Danielle are amazing marketers who have come up with the coolest and prettiest social media images for you to use.  Seriously for a monthly price you can get up to two download bundles a month for up to 10 posts a week – saving you so much time!


This is our favorite social media scheduler. You can schedule everything from Facebook pages, groups, and personal profiles to Instagram and Pinterest! Seriously schedule your stuff spa peeps!


When you have to make your own images you need to use this amazing tool. Lots of layouts, easy to use interface, and it just makes everything pretty! Plus stock photos that are only $1 each!

Business Development


You are a personal brand if you’re in the spa business – so learn from the best! This is Ramona’s own mastermind led by business guru Chris Ducker. You’ll be with entrepreneurs from around the world learning and growing. Trust us this is a great investment!

Spapreneur Facebook Community

Seriously if you haven’t joined this free community well don’t wait. You get direct contact with Lynn and Ramona! Join, seriously it’s free!

Jess Hershey – Virtual Assistant

This is our personal virtual assistant, she keeps the place running! If you sign up mention us to save $25 off your first bundle of hours.

Money Management


You need a budget! A business one and a personal one so this app makes it super easy and cool to keep one! They have webinars and support. Seriously this is a must for the successful Spapreneur!

Amber Dugger

This is Ramona’s personal business money coach! She is super friendly, nice, holistic, and understands how to make you get the emotions away from money to make great decisions!

Profit First

The book on understanding how to manage your business finances. If you can’t figure out how to pay yourself from your business then you really need this book.