How to Roll with the Punches for Your Day Spa

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On this episode, it’s full of helpful tips like stop worrying about matching your stuff and have a plan for overcoming what we go through in this episode. We’ve survived Valentine’s Day – and rolled with the punches. You can too!

Between therapists not letting us know that stuff is missing from there not letting us know and telling rich lawyers where Lowes is located this is a great episode.

Topics Covered

  • Question of the Week – yay Joanna Gable
  • The massage therapists are eating our face cradle covers
  • Silly man massage therapists try to mansplain
  • When a therapist doesn’t understand how to plug things in
  • Our adventures in Costco
  • Our U-haul problems
  • Sessy only gets one hour
  • The Saddest Sessy story ever!
  • Do you know where your local Lowes is?
  • Oh, fuck not the dryer!
  • We manifest destiny an extra space
  • Sessy steals a truck, a massage therapist, and a dryer
  • Did you know dryers have different plugs?
  • Why Profit First is so important
  • Why Valentine’s Day is fun but it shouldn’t be the only thing

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