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On this episode, we have another special guest on the show. The amazing Savanna Bell Moore from My Massage World talks with us about how outsourcing will make you a successful business owner. We get the thought of outsourcing can be a little scary, you might not like the thought of paying for someone else, or worry that if you do hire someone, they may not complete something to the same standard. Listen to this episode to get a bunch of advice from Savanna and ourselves on how to can successfully outsource in your business and become a successful business owner.

Topics Mentioned

  • Welcome to the show Savanna
  • Savanna’s story
  • Shift from a self employed mindset to business owner
  • The first step of outsourcing
  • Realise that you’re not the best at everything
  • Finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges
  • Know you boundaries 
  • Their strengths are your weaknesses
  • Why you don’t hire clients
  • Seek your outsourced 
  • Develop your ideal employee profile
  • Set up a strong business structure
  • Start small
  • Communication is so important
  • These are the services we outsourced first 
  • My Massage World has some awesome services to help with marketing

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