Create Your 2019 RoadMap
and Build Your Business Beyond the Treatment Room

Spapreneur Live | Washington D.C. 2018

October 25-27

It's Easy to Get Stuck in the Treatment Room

Client focused spa professionals spend countless hours working on muscles, skin, and nails. Spa professionals like you will spend thousands on the latest modality, popular service or product line only to be left wondering what happened to the profits and time freedom your business is supposed to bring. 

Maybe it's time to consider investing in time outside of the treatment room.


Imagine how much more you could have if you spent a few days deliberately planning things like:

  • Marketing campaigns that bring clients in without costing you money
  • Rebooking plans to get a steady stream of clients who are ready and willing to pay you
  • A financial plan that means you can pay yourself a living wage invest in continuing education, and have stability month-to-month
  • Creating systems and processes for your front desk so you can hire and train someone to take that load 
  • Setting realistic business goals that you will be able to achieve 
  • Being able to take vacations
  • Setting a schedule that allows you the time freedom you desire

What You Get at a Spapreneur Live Event


Amazing Content

Loads of fantastic tips, tricks, and tactical items you're going to be able to use right away will be shared live. 

DeStress Express EOHR-34-2


We're all in the same room for this event, so you'll have a ton of access for one-on-one talks with the Spapreneurs and our speakers


Connection with Like Minded Spapreneurs

Find great Spapreneurs from around the country to network and learn from. No mother hens allowed!


A Ton of Fun!

Just like the podcast, a live event with Spapreneur is hilarious. There is no room for boring here!

Is Spapreneur Live the Right Spa Business Event For You?

Do you have a schedule that gives you the time to work on your business?

Do you have a marketing plan for the entire year including email campaigns and social media posts?

Are all of your front desk systems optimize to ensure you're getting repeat customers?

Do you have a financial plan to ensure you have profit at all times?

Do you have a supportive community where you can brainstorm new ideas?

If you answers no to any of these then
Spapreneur Live is the event for you!

Spapreneur Live 2018 is the Spark You Need To Build Your Best Spa Business

Let's be honest - this is not your normal spa business event. We won't be showing you the latest in skin care or massage modalities. This event is straight up working on your business so you're better prepared to work in your business!

We're not here to sell you a new system, or to judge you on how you run your business. Instead, Spapreneur Live is designed to help you plan and execute your best 2019 as a business owner. 

What are We Doing at Spapreneur Live?

Day 1: Welcome

We're going to welcome you to Washington DC with a reception filled with food, drinks, and of course laughter - it is a party hosted by Ramona and Lynn after all! 

Day 2: Build

We're focusing on the areas of our businesses we need to build, including goals, dreams, and wild ideas. 

Planting the seeds now so you can enjoy all of the rewards.

Lunch, Snacks, and All-Day Beverages Included

Day 3: Grow

Here we're going to create the systems and processes needed to let our ideas and dreams grow into reality. Plus support as you head into Holiday, Valentine's Day, and 2019 like a boss!

Lunch, Snacks, and All-Day Beverages Included

Where are We Staying?

Hyatt House at The Wharf

With dazzling views of the Potomac River, dozens of trendy restaurants, and an inspired location three blocks south of the National Mall, it’s easy to see why the Wharf is a buzzed-about neighborhood in D.C. Check out exciting attractions like the Lincoln Memorial. Hyatt House Washington DC / The Wharf is the ideal spot to recharge before exploring the Wharf and all the historic must-sees in Washington, D.C.

We've arranged the best price - please use this link to book your hotel. 


Grab Your Seat at the BEST Price
Before We Run Out

We're capping this event at 35 Spapreneurs to ensure you're going to have access at a high level. 

How Many Seats We Have Left
Grab Yours Before We Run Out

Meet Our Hosts


The Spapreneurs!

Lynn Graves started her day spa career in 1996 and with Ramona Rice's help has turned a one-room massage studio into a 4,000 square foot, multi-award winning day spa in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

Together they host the popular podcast Spapreneur and manage the fastest day spa career community Spapreneur Community

What Our Spapreneur Clients Have To Say

Because of Ramona, I have stepped outside my box, I have grown as a business owner.  This isn't a "how to" massage group; this is a BUSINESS.  This is what I didn't learn in school.  This is the reason it took me 13 years to step out on my own.   I didn't know how to set goals and push myself. I created a five-year plan to leave my corporate spa job, now in less than one-year, I'm leaving it to work my business full-time.
- Elanor S. Pinpoint Massage and Bodywork, Houston TX

Ramona has helped me get crystal clear about who my ideal client is and is not. From there I've been able to do some re-branding and pivot a bit on my marketing, and I'm getting more new IDEAL clients booking.

My YTD revenue has already seen a 64% increase over the same time-frame last year!

I have spent A LOT of money on coaching & consultants & programs & seminars & eBooks & Webinars & boot camps...and NONE of them have given me the value I've gotten with Six Pillars. 

However, most importantly, I feel like I'm making some solid, business friendships with amazing colleagues that I will have for a long time to come. 

Invest in your business. Invest in yourself.

- Beth W. Twisted Roots Massage, Chicago IL.

As a home-based solopreneur with no intentions of working off property, there's not a lot of help out there for therapists like me. Ramona has taken the time to understand my goals and given me concrete actions and ideas that have helped me clarify my vision. Her knowledge of the trade combined with her business acumen is a rare combination in the massage industry and her coaching has been invaluable.

Joanna G. Bees Knees, Charleston, SC

Ramona has helped me clearly define my business goals. While I have been in other paid programs, and those were great at the time. However, Spapreneur has given me the push I needed business wise to increase my return client rate, give me the tools to create a community around my brand, and increase my income goals.

Beth P, Geek Girl Massage, Dallas TX

 With Ramona's coaching and other members' support, this has been a great experience. I don't feel alone anymore and feel stronger to move forward in 2018!

-Marvice M, Lumiere Skin Care, Canada

Ramona has helped me to get very specific about my target market. I'm rebranding and reworking my business and I've actually got a plan for my growth now. My cash flow is STEADY. I know I'm profitable. Not only that, I have a budget that works for me to collect a profit.

I have multiple sources to bring me a steady stream of new clients and I'm able to expand upon that base of clients easily. My business is busier than it's ever been. I have a ridiculously good rebooking rate, and I know within the next year, I'll be ready to move into a bigger space.

Now I'm looking towards passive income streams and a project to help other massage therapists. My local colleagues are calling me asking for business advice and I'm sending them to the Spapreneurs to help them. I'm busy!

-Denise B, Legitimate Massage, Las Vegas NV

We Can't Wait
to See You!

Spapreneur Live 2018 is a gathering of independent spa professionals working together to grow and expand their businesses beyond the treatment room. No egos, no corporate spokespeople, no fluff. Just straight up amazing action taken information that you will be able to immediately use in your business.

This event is limited in size on purpose - so grab your ticket now because they will sell out!

Taking place in the super cool and trendy nook of our Nation’s Capital - The Wharf will be the perfect backdrop to a weekend of learning and inspiration, a lot of laughing and a ton of fun (seriously think adult slumber party!).


Flash Sale!

$149 normally $525!
  • Collaborate with like-minded independent spa professionals
  • Amazing Speakers who will bring great business insights into our industry
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks all day
  • Access to the Spapreneurs in person
  • Welcome Party with Drinks

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