What Do You DIY In Your Spa Business?

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On today’s episode, we’re talking about some of the things you absolutely can DIY in your spa business, and knowing when it’s time to get in the professionals. How good would it be if you could outsource all the things that keep your business running and your spa looking good? Marketing, laundry, administration, even the plumbing, and general maintenance. Amazing right! Reality check, for a lot of day spa owners there just aren’t the dollars to make this happen. Listen to this episode, and get our advice on the things that you absolutely should be handing over to the professionals and why!

Topics Covered

  • Banking, laundry, taxes
  • Know how to use your tools
  • No your lane of genius
  • Time is money
  • Sometimes you just have to pay
  • Is it worth it to do yourself?
  • Administration you can and can’t DIY
  • Pick your battles

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About the author, Ramona

Ramona Rice is a professional content marketer who specializes in appointment-based businesses. She is a podcaster with We Should Not Be Friends, Spapreneur, and the award-winning Sports Gal Pal Podcast. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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