It’s Time to Prep for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season
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On today’s podcast, we’re talking about the big thing that’s coming up – Holiday Season. Gift certificates and money, oh my! Now is the time to get ready to prep for the busiest season for getting money. Don’t wait.  Planning now will save you time and help you make more money.

Topics Covered

  • The Holiday Season is Coming
  • 645 Sale – Guess what we actually did it for Labor Day
  • The first step for Holiday Prep
  • You can’t discount like the big retailers
  • Set a hard number goal for the Holiday Season
  • Set up a team meeting
  • Decide to close for Black Friday or stay open
  • Why you don’t want to close after Christmas Day
  • Pick a charity
  • Start the energy early

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About the author, Ramona

Ramona Rice is a professional content marketer who specializes in appointment-based businesses. She is a podcaster with We Should Not Be Friends, Spapreneur, and the award-winning Sports Gal Pal Podcast. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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