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valentine's day prep
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Valentine’s Day should be one of the most successful spa days in your year – if you plan it right. While we recommend you start planning Valentine’s Day early, there is still time for you to get your ducks in a row and find high profit and new clients during this busy time of year. This is why on this episode of the podcast we’re talking about Valentine’s Day prep.

While you might consider Valentine’s Day a fluffy holiday not worthy of your professional expertise you’re missing a golden opportunity to not only make money (remember you’re a business owner) but also to get introduced to new clients. Take a look at this chart, in 2016 over $19 billion dollars was spent on Valentine’s Day in the United States. Ignore Valentine’s Day at your peril.

Total Valentines Day Spending in the United States | Fundivo

Provided by: Fundivo

Outline of Topics For This Show

  • Create Your Packages
  • Take Advantage of Last Minute Shoppers
  • Ensure that you have enough supplies
  • Smart sponsorships that also make you a romance concierge and the client a hero.
  • Make sure you understand your costs for all the add-ons and pass on the costs
  • Couples Services
  • Singles Services
  • Be Open to Your Whole Community
  • Provide the Opportunities for Your Clients to Look Like Heroes
  • Something is Going to Go Wrong
  • How to Pamper Your Staff During Valentine’s Day
  • No Show Policy for Valentine’s Day
  • Late Clients on Valentine’s Day
  • Candy Bar
  • Give a Reason to Return

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