Why Business Consistency is Our August Focus

What is it about August? The first half of the month seems to go by slowly with the last bit of summer. Then the second half is a rush of activity as Autumn begins to beacon. I know for many of us we’re getting kids ready for back to school and we will be adjusting to new schedules.

There is something magical about the start of a school term, even if you don’t have children attending school. Seeing the bins of crayons and glue sticks at Target often inspires me to try something new with my business. If you’re looking for something new in your business that won’t cost you a single cent, then you need to download our free guide The One Email You Need to Send to Fill Your Appointment Book. The template we’re giving away is the EXACT one we use for our business each week.

But, it’s not enough to only send an email to build a thriving business. I often get Spapreneur and other business owners who look at what Lynn and I have created and thought, “they’re lucky.” Of course, we’re the first to admit that luck had something to do with it, but you know what makes the difference between us and everyone else?

We are consistently doing small things that lead to significant results.

If there is one thing missing from business advice in the world, it’s this – consistency is key to success. I don’t want to hear about the latest marketing idea, or the perfect new modality, or even the coolest new product.No, the sexy word on the street needs to become us celebrate the day-to-day work of running a business. It’s consistently asking for the client to come back. It’s always sending review links after sessions. It’s continuously updating our website and social media.

We’re consistent – and it shows.

This month throughout Spapreneur, on our blog, email, social media, and the podcast we’re going to be talking about consistency; how it makes a massive difference in your life and your business.

If you want to keep up the best way is to ensure you’re on our email list. Our email subscribers are the FIRST to get updates. You can sign up here and get the 1 Email to Fill Your Appointment Books guide for free.

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