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Best of

Ask the Spapreneurs: Do Best of Contests Matter?


On this week’s Ask the Spapreneurs a Facebook group member asks the question – do best of contests really matter? Ramona gives the low down in this quick Ask the Spapreneurs episode. Want to ask the Spapreneurs a question? Join our free Facebook Community! There you can engage with the Spapreneurs and all of our…

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spa name

Don’t Pick a Stupid Spa Name


On today’s show: The name you choose for your business matters – a lot. It’s often the first impression of your business. Don’t set yourself up for questions you don’t want to answer. Topics Why competitors don’t matter The competitor down the road is stupid – wait until you hear this story We have enough…

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calling clients

Pick Up a Phone and Call Your Clients


On today’s episode: Technology has helped us grow our business, but there is a limit to it. How you respond using technology matters – because often we can’t put emotion into an email or text response – so how do you handle that in what is a very personal business? Topics Covered How technology is…

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